“Just stay focused and always look for the optimal solution when it comes to balls and how to attack the lanes, without to much risk taking. It’s like playing chess.. try to see what’s to come.”


"I think two handed technique is way to go. I remember practicing release without thumb from the foul line hours and hours in early 80s not realizing that this way to bowl in 2010." Tom Hahl


“Winning the event with Paeng was very cool. We were both 19, youngest Champions in the history of the World Cup, both in college, both of us were first time participants, both of us brought our parents with us to the event and it was a great story for the press. Many of the other participants said they were going to bring their parents next year since we were the only bowlers that had both mom and dad there with us.”


Much hard work and focus on the sport Bowling made Mr Zhu realize his dream to set up the lanes in the arena for the first time in China.


“In World Cup 50 in Poland I felt like a very awesome person on the final night in the tournament. When I got my reward for sportsman of the year I was fooled at that moment while I was taking photos on the stage near by to the champ Chris Barnes and Clara Guerrero and suddenly I heard my name.”


Preparations for the World cup are underway, most of the time I spend it in bowling alley, one of the most important things will also be my physical condition so I'm working hard on that as well. I will try to play few tournaments up until the World cup just to stay competitive and sharp.


“I loved bowling from the very first game. I started in September 2001. Bowling has become my Lifestyle . I did not see my daughter for many years, Bowling helped me to survived all the time without her , bowling gave me purpose for existence.”


Two players could make it three Bowling World Cup wins. One of course is defending champion Clara Guerrero, the other is the amazing Aumi Guerra from the Dominican Republic.


Lisanne Breeschoten is super fit. She runs over 30 Kilometers a week and before Shanghai, she will run in her first half marathon. On the lanes, she is deadly.


“To be a bowler you have to work really hard when it comes to your technical game and make sure that you feel confident in your physical ability before you step onto the lanes.”