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The Undisputed Industry Standard

The sight and sound of gleaming, scattering pins creates a lasting impression in the mind of your bowlers like no other investment you’ll make. Multiply that by ten when you consider that QubicaAMF pins are designed, manufactured, and styled to standards that make the competition fall flat. 

QubicaAMF offers both competitive and specialty bowling pins that can cater to any customer that walks in your center. From our tournament proven, AMFlite II Pins, to our custom logo specialty option, you can be assured you are purchasing pins that are high-scoring, incredibly durable and extremely attractive.   


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Regulation Ten Pins

If you are looking for the standard of excellence against which all other pins are measured, then look no further! No other company offers a choice of premium quality pins like these. Our AMFlite II Pins continue to shatter tournament records, and the AMFlite Pinnacle is our top-of-the-line pin—inspired by a 30-year legacy of success with our best-selling AMFlite II series.

Specialty Pins

Looking to set your center apart? Specialty pins from QubicaAMF offer one of the easiest, most effective marketing opportunities available to your center. We offer the largest variety of specialty pins: Color Pins, Custom Logo Pins, Bowlopolis Pins, Birthday Pins and Trophy Pins. These pins make any occasion in your center a little more special and create a memorable impact on customers. They will take these pins home as a keepsake—reminding them of the fun they had in your center and to come back again and again!  


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