Strikerz Bowling - Conqueror WEB reservations success story

Strikerz Bowling


42% F&B attachment rate to web reservations

Upselling food and beverages becomes delectably easy with Conqueror Web.
Levistown Lanes EDGE STRING Success story

Becky Bowersox



" I say to anyone who has a bowling center, this is the way to go!"

With EDGE String in your existing center or new investment project, you will be blown away with how easy and low cost delivering the fun of bowling can be. In about an hour your staff will learn to use EDGE String and its simple and robust design just works.
Rose Bowl HyperBowling Replay magazine Success Story

John Nelson



"Within six months, our month-by-month total revenue was up 30% and gross profit was up 25% ... Revenue went up for the entire business, not just open bowling.”

“Essentially, all of our customers who try it love it. From kids to kids at heart. Families come together to play, parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids – and the kids have a real shot at winning. Automatic bumpers help us to be able to play together, but HyperBowling takes it to a new level.
Townline Tenpin Luxury Lanes and Gametime Lanes & Entertainment

Anthony DeCotis



EDGE String has been a complete game-changer for my business from day one.

My employees are happier, my lanes are always up and running and the overall bowling and guest experience is better at Townline as a result.


Conqueror Web gives centers the flexibility to sell the exact same products online as they do in-person. That means a whole new range of possibilities for presenting bowling offers to customers with no compromises.
Bailey's Tiger Bowl - EDGE String Pinspotter success story

Robin Bailey



"Our bowlers really like EDGE String's speed and reliability...

...our 50-person men’s league is finishing about 20 minutes faster." said Robin Bailey the owner of Bailey's Tiger Bowl
Huntington Holiday Bowl EDGE String success story

Steven Husk

General Manager


The guest experience has improved tremendously and overall morale amongst my league bowlers is up.

EDGE String’s simple and robust design made with the innovative Tech Wizard app is created to make, is created to be easier to operate and provide an amasingly authentic bowling experience
Greylock Bowl & Golf

Ozzie Alvarez

Owner, Greylock Bowl & Golf


"With the XLi EDGE Pinspotters we have saved up to $8,000-$10,000 in labor cost-savings alone."

When Ozzie and his wife, Monica, first laid eyes on the location that's now Greylock Bowl & Golf they saw a place in disrepair but with great potential. But Monica and Ozzie envisioned something more for themselves and their customers. See how QubicaAMF technology and the XLi EDGE Pinspotters fit this entrepreneur's business vision to a tee.
SpareZ Play video

Joe Schumacker

Owner, SpareZ


"BES X has helpd us deliver on the promise of our core bowling, and lifted demand for all types of bowling we offer."

Joe Schumacker installed BES X in his center in January 2015, and discovered he could increase lineage in his center by allowing BES X to serve as the "engine" that drives the on-lane experience. The differentiation of it's new products has enabled SpareZ to cultivate a strong bond with the local community, making it a hub for casual, entertainment, and even competitive bowling. It has helped transform the center into a true destination.
Ten Lanes Play video

Mikael Kyrk



"Bowling never disappears, it never loses its popularity."

Mikael Kyrk went all-in with QubicaAMF Equipment in his bowling center Ten Lanes in Skövde winning the 2016 Bowler's Journal International Design Award in Best New Center Interior International. To recreate a 50s and 60s feel in the bowling center Mikal combined Harmony Chicago Masking Unit and Country Concept furniture adding the modern touch with the complete BES X features to be up do date with today's customers' needs.
Rancho Bowl Play video

Ashlee and Luke Carranza

Owners, Rancho Bowl


"It's far exceeded our expectations. Bowling Revenue is up 60%."

Bringing this center into the 21st-century and sparking unprecedented growth, Rancho Bowl has credited its success in part to its bowling systems and equipment. Ashlee and Luke Carranza have transformed this 32 lane center into "THE" place to be in Santa Maria, California after their 2014 modernization. Ashley states, "Without QubicaAMF we would not be making the money we are today or be able to feel so successful with our business. I'd definitely say, QubicaAMF has changed our lives."
Hooch & Blotto's - Erie, PA Play video

Nick Scott

Owner, Hooch & Blotto's


"For every dollar we make on bowling, we make another dollar on food and beverage."

Nick Scott owns Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. After taking notice of the under-performing Boston Restaurant and Sports Bar in the complex, he turned to consultant Lance Lehr to decide what they could do to better utilize this space. As a result, Nick decided to transform the space into Hooch & Blotto's Sport Bar & Grill, which included 8 lanes of Highway66 Mini Bowling with Harmony Infinity Furniture and Ball Returns.
HeadPinz - Ft. Myers, FL Play video

Mike Cannington

Director of Sales & Marketing, HeadPinZ


"We are exceeding our sales expectations by so much, it's unbelievable!"

As an established player in the bowling entertainment world, HeadPinZ Entertainment Center knows a thing or two. See the success this bowling-based entertainment center is experiencing. "Thanks to QubicaAMF, we are delivering a Ritz Carlton experience in a bowling environment," states Mike Cannington, HeadPinZ.
Bowl 32 Play video

David Small

Owner, Bowl 32


"We're up about 40% since installing BES X."

David Small installed BES X in his center in September 2015, and discovered how the system allowed him to shift his business model while transforming the bowling experience itself—creating a comfortable, exciting and engaging environment where customers want to stay for prolonged periods. From reservations to entertainment, customer service to delivering an unforgettable bowling experience, BES X ties everything together.
Spare Time Lanes - Jefferson, IA Play video

John and Vickie Woodford

Owners, Spare Time Lanes


"Without the switch to XLi EDGE Pinspotters, we would have closed our bowling center."

John Woodford's drive to make Spare Time Lanes a thriving business and Iowa bowling attraction is outdone only by his sheer love of the sport; a passion he shares with his wife, Vickie. Driven by their devotion to the community and strong work ethic, they transformed what once was a struggling alley into a thriving 10-lane bowling center and one of Jefferson's biggest draws.
Premier Lanes Play video

Ricky Bourgeois

Senior VP, MALCO Theaters


"Bowling has a history, but we are just wowed by what it has evolved into."

QubicaAMF innovations helps a 100-year-old entertainment company become even more relevant and profitable than ever. Discover how BES X, Harmony furniture and XLi EDGE Pinspotters were able to roll our the red carpet to its customers and deliver a premier experience.