Lane Care & Supplies

Prepare for Performance and Profitability

Well-prepared lanes are the key to maximizing play for your bowlers, and preserving one of your center’s biggest assets. At QubicaAMF, we believe that different lanes require different conditioning maintenance regimes and that a one-size-fits-all approach to lane care does not work. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of lane care products and center supplies, backed by decades of expertise, to keep your business running strong.


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Lane Conditioners

Condition your lanes for maximum performance and protection with our full line of industry-proven lane conditioners, like Reactor, VisFlo and Utopia—the highest viscosity oil available.

  • No shaking required
  • Available in a range of viscosities and lubricities to meet your specific needs
  • Field-tested for total compatibility with all QubicaAMF lanes, pinspotters, belts and more
  • Conditioners contain >95% mineral oil




Lane Cleaners

Keep your lanes in top shape with our complete range of cleaners like Formula ACC, Formula 388 and VisClean Concentrate.




Approach Maintenance

Make sure this heavily-used part of your lane is always ready for action with our SureSlide conditioner to ensure your bowlers have a consistent slide. And to keep your approaches looking clean, choose from one of our convenient spot cleaners.  

Lane Dusting Cloth

Our dusting cloth features an exclusive reusable plastic core with double-face tape for easy, trouble-free take up. Use this plastic core as your take-up roller, and throw the whole dirty roll away. No more unraveling or cutting off an old, dirty, oily cloth.

Center Supplies

Bottom line? If your operation needs it, we have it. And we back every single item we sell with world-famous QubicaAMF quality, expertise and peace of mind. QubicaAMF is your best single-source partner for all the top-quality parts, supplies and chemicals you need to keep your operation in high gear.



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