A Better Duckpin Bowling Experience For Guests, More Revenue For You 

Duckpin is an exciting and fun bowling game traditionally played on a standard tenpin bowling lane using a smaller ball and unique bowling pins, called duckpins. Fly’n Ducks is duckpin bowling reimagined for today’s consumer and investor. It utilizes the power of BES X, Conqueror X and the EDGE String pinspotter to deliver the best duckpin experience and more entertainment for consumers. And business operators will be amazed at how it just works - thanks to a robust design and construction and the innovative EDGE String pinspotter. 

Better Duckpin Experience

Unmatched by any other duckpin system on the market, Fly’n Ducks makes duckpin bowling easier and more fun than ever for consumers to enjoy.

More Entertainment & More Revenue

Keep players entertained and engaged while driving more revenue. Fly’n Ducks uses BES X, the world’s only Bowler Entertainment System. It also utilizes the Conqueror X management system to deliver powerful pricing and game management tools.



Amazingly Simple Operation

Thanks to its robust design and innovative string pinspotting technology, Fly’n Ducks provides the best duckpin experience at the lowest possible operational costs, maximizing profitability.

Lane Options and Upgrades

Fly’n Ducks is available in 4 different lane lengths, ranging from a 24’ lane surface to 60’ regulation length. Choose your length based on the playing challenge you want to offer and the space you have available. 

Masking Options

Choose either the Fly’n Ducks Graphic Mask, with 30 design and color combination choices. Or deliver dynamic entertainment with the Fly’n Ducks Video Mask.


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