The Heart of the Bowling & Entertainment Ecosystem 

The entertainment landscape is ever-changing. Guest expectations have never been higher. Your business potential can be just as high—especially when you have Conqueror X. The most powerful bowling management, POS, and marketing system ever, Conqueror X gives you everything you need to take control and get the most out of every product.

Conqueror X brings you the tools you need to make your business thrive. It is designed to improve your operational efficiency and drive profitability while allowing you to deliver the ultimate bowler experience.

With Conqueror X you can truly leverage every element of your investment across the entire Ecosystem. Everything works better together and builds on one another to help you deliver an AMAZING experience for your customers.

Get Conqueror X and get ready to grow!

Center Operations Management

Built for bowling operations, only Conqueror X delivers the flexibility to allow you to run your business your way—based on your business model and center needs. One complete system, where everything works together to give you total visibility with a modern, user-friendly interface. And with its robust center, terminal and security settings Conqueror X will give you total peace of mind. So, streamline your operation, save time, and free your staff to stay focused on what matters most: delivering for your guests.

Point of Sale

Conqueror X delivers a complete Point of Sale that fits the broad needs of even the most complex food & beverage operations. It is easy for your staff to use to deliver service that is seamless and maximizes convenience for your guests at every interaction. Everything in Conqueror POS is built around managing seamless transactions with your guests. Provide them with one bill at checkout that covers all their activities and purchases during their visit. It’s one system throughout Conqueror with one easy-to-use-interface that is fully integrated to every module.  

XRM: Experience Relationship Manager

The Conqueror Experience Relationship Manager (XRM) is an expanding suite of marketing tools that empower you to create the Ultimate Consumer Journey through your business turning guests into die-hard fans. With it you can influence consumer behavior and engender fierce loyalty. Drive more visits and boost average spend throughout your center. It’s one system where everything works together across the entire product ecosystem, providing a seamless and convenient experience for your guests.

Bowling Entertainment Experience

Multiply your center’s value, revenue, and profitability. Continuously delight guests with unique products that are part of the ever-growing bowling and entertainment ecosystem. Deliver amazing on-lane entertainment and better guest experience with BES X, the one and only Bowler Entertainment System. Engage players with HyperBowling. Advertise and keep them in the know with the Multi-Media System. Create exciting light shows with CenterPunch. Conqueror X puts you in complete control.

Conqueror Maximization Program

Conqueror X is backed by the Conqueror Maximization Program, the complete center operations software, cloud, and services maintenance plan that provides everything you need to get the most out of your investment. Rest easier (while avoiding unplanned expenses) and get the peace of mind that comes with automatic updates and improvements, business-building features and services, access to experts and readiness for the future.


The more you learn about Conqueror X the more you’ll want it for your center. Access brochures and the other related solutions and services that complement it—including HyperBowling, the BES X scoring system, the Conqueror Maximization Program, the QPad mobile POS solution, CenterPunch Intelligent Lighting and more.

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