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How did I get started in Bowling?. By accident, I took my car for an MOT and walked into a bowling centre next door for a coffee . One of the managers I had worked for before suggested there was a job that I would enjoy (GX Super Bowl Stevenage ) and it's been onwards and upwards ever since.


"Bowling is a beautiful game. It requires to focus on a target with dedication and perseverance which is also required in our life too."


"It’s really a great tournament! It’s very well organized, always in beautiful locations and it’s full of amazing players from all over the World. You get to compete against all the best of bowling from every country and the atmosphere on both the sport and human sides is special!"


"I have learned that in this format with a lot of games that everything can happen. Even when you start slow you still have a chance or if you start good does not mean that you are safe for a good position at the end of the World cup."


David Seay ready for his first World Cup


Giving up a bike for bowling.


...it is not something you ever think will happen to you.


The interview with an Englishman that has coached all over planet. Part II