It’s not often nowadays that countries make their debut in the Bowling World Cup. After all, many, many countries have played at some time or another, in the order of 150! So there can’t be many left to come.


Francois Louw of South Africa is on top of the men’s leaderboard after the first block of six in the 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup being held in Palembang, Indonesia, while Natasha Roslan of Malaysia heads the women.


The best welcome ever!


At the official residence of the deputy governor of South Sumatra, H Mawardi Yahya, where the dancers perfomed the Tanggai and some bowlers showed their other talents.


The 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup is underway after a brillant opening ceremony.


Congratulations to all of the represented QubicaAMF customers who were recognized in this years contest! Come see why QubicaAMF products are continuously featured across top ranked centers in the world.


"Bowling is a beautiful game. It requires to focus on a target with dedication and perseverance which is also required in our life too."


"It’s really a great tournament! It’s very well organized, always in beautiful locations and it’s full of amazing players from all over the World. You get to compete against all the best of bowling from every country and the atmosphere on both the sport and human sides is special!"


"I have learned that in this format with a lot of games that everything can happen. Even when you start slow you still have a chance or if you start good does not mean that you are safe for a good position at the end of the World cup."