A solid investment

Bowling is one of the world’s top recreational activities, appealing to audiences of all ages, gender and demographics.   Bowling is a $10 billion worldwide industry.  It draws over 70 million participants annually in over 100 countries, Bowling is the perfect blend of competitive sports, recreation, and entertainment. In fact, bowling participation significantly outranks golf, billiards, basketball, and other leisure/sport activities.

The bowling industry continues to grow in popularity.  Bowling now ranks as the most popular participatory sport in America for those 18 and older. 

  • There are approximately 5300 centers installed in the US and XX installed Worldwide.
  • Over 51 million adults aged 18 and over, and 19 million youths aged 6 to 17, bowled at least once in the last year.
  • While there is a perception that bowling is more appealing to males, market research shows that half of all bowlers are female
  • More than 10 million kids attend “bowling birthday parties” each year

According to two recent studies, the bowling industry is poised for significant growth.  In a report entitled “Bowling Centers:  A Global Market Report”, Global Industry Analysts, Inc. concluded that the industry, both domestically and world-wide, “is expecting to witness a phase of extraordinary popularity, positive change and family activities by widening its customer base, applying innovative technology and offering a diverse range of entertainment alternatives”. 

Another recent study, “The Bowling Benchmark Strategy Study”, published by Roper Starch Worldwide, stated that the industry is well positioned to expand because the appeal of bowling as a “fun activity to be shared with family and friends of all age groups remains strong”. 


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