Boutique Centers

Offering a hip and energetic environment, Boutique Centers frequently cater to young adults and adults. Tenpin bowling and/or mini bowling dominate the entertainment side, though other attractions are often part of the mix as well.

These centers blend bowling, music and socializing, with food and beverage sales serving as the main profit center.


With four locations in California and one in Arizona, Tavern+Bowl is a growing leader in the Boutique Bowling arena. Featuring traditional tenpin bowling, they utilize bowling as an anchor to support their bar & restaurant that brings in customers for private events, happy hours, sporting events, daily specials, and a huge beer selection.   

  • 52 Total Lanes (5 Locations)
  • California and Arizona, USA

Bowl & Barrel

Founded by two owners with 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Texas is now home to 3 boutique bowling centers featuring tenpin bowling with TMS String Machines. Bowl & Barrel is a thriving brand that is located within major cities in the Texas market.  They have seen great success supporting group events and a high-end food and beverage model available at all of their locations.

  • 44 Total Lanes (3 locations)
  • Texas, USA

Piedmont Social House

This prohibition-era themed boutique establishment encourages socialization by way of great food, drinks and games…like bowling! With tenpin bowling, table games, arcade games and pub games, this unique bowling center has all that a city-based facility could offer its entertainment-hungry consumers. 

  • 12 Lanes
  • Charlotte, NC, USA