Add a Bowling Amenity

Make Your Venue the Ultimate Choice for Guests

Are you looking to set your business apart or create a better offering for your guests? Drive more business or keep people at your venue longer? Adding a bowling amenity can differentiate your facility. Bowling provides the ultimate entertainment experience with lasting appeal for your guests (of all ages) and can help to drive ancillary revenue. We have solutions to meet your business needs and fit into your existing space—no matter how big or small.

Our products are designed to maximize every aspect of what makes bowling appealing, and uniquely promote customer engagement, socialization, increased length of stay and repeat business—and can complement your existing business.

Accompanied by exceptional training, service and support, we will get you up and running and help you promote your newest amenity effectively, so you can focus on growing your bottom line.

Hotels & Resorts

Today’s hotel and resort business is extremely competitive, with discount web sites tending to commoditize the segment. Adding amenities, such as bowling, can help provide another draw (and revenue stream) for your facility.

Senior Living

With people living longer more active lives, senior living facilities need to offer a broader range of activities to attract younger residents. A mini bowling amenity is sure to be a strike among active seniors.

Cruise Lines

Today’s cruise ships offer some of the greatest variety of attractions available anywhere—aimed to increase appeal. See how adding a mini bowling amenity will make a splash with your guests of all ages!

Bars & Restaurants

For bar and restaurant operators looking to broaden their appeal, mini bowling can drive length of stay and increased F&B sales with a very small footprint.


Casinos offer a huge variety and density of entertainment activities. Together with accommodations, a bowling attraction can help draw families to your venue.

Real Estate & Shopping Malls

Developers of real estate and shopping malls manage large, complex projects that require significant capital investments aimed to appeal to the masses. Adding a proven attraction like bowling can broaden the appeal drive all types of consumer segments.

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