Cinemas have always been an entertainment destination. But changes in movie-watching habits have affected visitors and margins, making ancillary sales—notably food, beverages and arcade games—a greater part of the profit mix. With its low space-utilization and labor requirements, mini bowling is an excellent choice for these operations to help keep patrons engaged while they are waiting for a movie and to promote birthday packages.


Alboa Entertainment

Alboa Entertainment is a bowling alley within a Cinemaplex in Mexico.  This facility embodies every aspect of the entertainment center concept to the fullest. It is a place of exquisite beauty and vibrant energy, and was named “Best New Center” in the 2015 BJI Architecture and Design Awards. 

  • 20 Lanes
  • Mexico City, Mexico

MALCO, Premier Lanes

Malco Theaters is the parent company that expanded to include Malco Bowling under its portfolio to offer bowling to its theater guests. They own six bowling centers, including their new flagship center, Premier Lanes. These bowling centers include 20+ plus lanes of bowling, VIP lounges, arcades, laser tag, and party rooms to satisfy all customer types.

  • 20 Lanes
  • Oxford, MS, USA

Strike Moscow

Amid a huge shopping mall, Strike Moscow is situated within a large cinema with 22 theaters. KARO, one of Russia’s fastest-growing cinema chains, debuted the “largest theater in Russia” back in 2014, and chose to add bowling to its entertainment portfolio. This boutique center features 12 lanes of traditional tenpin bowling, which supports competitive play, family fun for birthday parties, and a VIP atmosphere for the bustling Moscow nightlife.  

  • 12 Lanes
  • Moscow, Russia