Bowling Center Success Stories


Existing bowling businesses are benefiting tremendously from switching to string machines. Read first-hand success stories from bowling centers that replaced free-fall pinsetters with EDGE String. These stories talk about both string machines and sport bowling, and string pinspotters and casual bowling. If you’ve considered putting string pinspotters in your center, these customer stories, testimonials and engaging videos are a great place to start.

The Lanes - Bowl & Bistro Case Study

A 10-lane, 11,650-square-foot boutique family entertainment center located in the hook-shaped peninsula of Cape Cod, The Lanes pays homage to the history of the sport by featuring old-time images on its masking units. The facility also encompasses a full bistro, entertainment platform and outdoor bocce court.

Video: Lewistown Lanes

We talk to Owner, Becky Bowersox about life after switching to EDGE String

Video: Lewistown Lanes

Four league bowlers share their experiences bowling on EDGE String

Hollywood Bowl

EDGE String delivers a brilliant performance

Woodlawn Bowl Family Fun Center

Proprietor’s Dream, League Bowler’s Delight: EDGE String Delivers for Woodlawn Bowl


The 2nd largest bowling operator in the UK Strikes Big with EDGE String

Strike 10 Bowling and Sports Lounge

EDGE String Drives Revenue and Eases Worries

Lake Wylie Bow N' Bounce

Scores Big After Replacing Free-Fall Pinspotters with EDGE String