Capitol Bowl - West Sacramento, CA

Ron Amin, the Owner of Capitol Bowl in West Sacramento shares his experience with QubicaAMF EDGE String Pinspotters.Featuring 20 lanes of USBC-approved EDGE String bowling machines, Capitol Bowl improved customer experience and boosted staff morale.

Beyond enhancing the overall experience, Ron Amin has observed significant operational benefits from integrating EDGE String bowling technology. The technology not only reduces maintenance efforts but also optimizes resource allocation, allowing for more investments in amenities and services at Capitol Bowl. This strategic focus on improving facility operations and customer service has elevated the center's status, making it a preferred destination for bowlers.


Amazing Bowler Experience  

“We decided to go with string pins because we noticed how lane breakdowns, pin jams, and stuck balls negatively affect the customer experience. We decided to go with USBC certified string pins to be able to keep open bowlers and league bowlers happy.”   


Simple Operations

“We’ve noticed a positive difference in maintenance with the string pins. The machine stays really clean and the most we’ve done so far is rotate the head pins to the back end.  The machines are also very low stress, and it allows my mechanic to focus on other maintenance in the center rather than fixing machines that are down.

“The best part of having the certified string pins is customers not having as many lane issues, pretty much every employee we have can safely fix a tangle which is what you deal with the most (even though it’s rare).”


League Bowler Response   

“Our league bowlers have taken it well for the most part. I know competitive bowlers appreciate not having as many lane issues as free fall.” 


Operational Cost Savings 

“EDGE String uses less electricity than free fall, and a lot less parts to worry about.  Overall, it’s been a great decision for us to go string pins.” 


“We switched to EDGE String because lane breakdowns with our old free-fall machines were really hurting the customer experience. EDGE String has been a great decision for our business – our league and open play bowlers love the improved bowling experience and our mechanic has been freed up to help drive maintenance and improvements in other areas of our business.” 




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