Strike 10 Bowling and Sports Lounge

EDGE String Drives Revenue and Eases Worries

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“Most of our customers don’t even realize they’re bowling on a string pinspotter.” – Moises Jafif

Strike 10 is the premier entertainment destination between Fort Lauderdale and South Beach. Owned by Moises and Marcos Jafif, it’s a bustling place that offers something for all ages—bowling, arcade games, billiards, a full bar, live entertainment and more. Bowling represents about 40% of Strike 10’s total revenue, and lanes are busy most every night. But today’s success was no sure thing on account of a challenge even the smartest operators could face.

Bowling represents about 40% of Strike 10’s total revenue, and lanes are busy nearly every night of the week.


The Challenge: Scarce Technicians, Scary Proposition

The Strike 10 Bowling and Sports Lounge that opened in 2015 had one notable difference from the center you’ll see today: used free-fall pinspotters. The Jafif brothers heard that maintaining older equipment could be challenging. But they had a good lead technician and weren’t too concerned. Until he decided to leave, at which point panic set in.

“One of the biggest threats to our business was dependence on hard-to-find pinspotter technicians,” says Moises, “and we did not have a solution.”


The Solution

EDGE String Pinspotters

As luck would have it, the technician’s opportunity did not pan out and he came back to Strike 10. Still, the brothers had learned a valuable lesson and were determined to have better control of their business. After careful research they started considering string pinspotters. Until then, Moises had viewed them as more an “arcade” option than suitable for “real bowling.” In his words, “As a bowling traditionalist I never imagined replacing my free-fall pinspotters with string pinspotters. But I knew I had to keep an open mind if we were going to solve our business problem.”...

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