Cedar Bowling Center – Cedar City, UT

Keeping operations rolling along with bowling leagues and recreational bowlers. Nick Jones, Owner of Cedar Bowling Center, Cedar City, Utah has eight leagues, six are USBC sanctioned, 20 lanes of EDGE String machines with USBC-Approved pinspotters, and 18% of his total bowling revenue comes from leagues. See what he has to say about having upgraded his center to EDGE String machines.

In any business, the well-being and satisfaction of the staff are as crucial as the happiness of the customers they serve. At Cedar Bowling Center, the switch to EDGE String machines has marked a significant improvement in operational efficiency and staff morale.

Better Staff Morale

“Me, my staff and our bowlers all love how maintenance-free EDGE String machines are. Our center is busy all week long, so the machines are running constantly. Now, we can focus more of our time on our customers, rather than fixing a broken machine, getting deadwood, ball returns, 180's etc. It's nice to not have to worry about machines breaking down so we can pay attention to what is going on up front.”

“All around morale by staff (and customers) is at an all-time high because we do not have the stress we had before because our operation runs that much smoother due to these string machines. I cannot tell you how much better our center is running because we do not have to worry about what's happening behind the lanes.”


Amazing Bowler Experience

“Our league bowlers are happy with the EDGE String pinspotter. Some were reluctant at first, a few threatened to quit, but not a single league bowler has left because we switched to EDGE String.  Our customers love the fact that league time has been reduced by 30 minutes due to the reduction of stoppages. Less league time creates more open play time which increases our revenue.”

“We are so excited that we went with QubicaAMF and installed the sanctioned EDGE String pinspotters. Since having them installed, we have had one tournament in which Anthony Simonson participated. He stated that he was satisfied with the string pinsetters and was willing to participate in future tournaments. We also hosted a bowling clinic held by Darren Tang. Both Anthony and Darren were impressed with how well they played on the EDGE String compared with free-fall. We plan on holding bigger tournaments now that we have reliable pinsetters and are looking forward to the future!”


Additional Cost Savings, Parts, Labor, & Electricity

“Parts and labor costs are almost zero! On average, we were spending roughly $100K in parts and labor per year to keep our old free-fall machines running.  Also, the EDGE String machines have cut our power bill by 60 percent. With the money we will be saving we plan to update other parts of our center, something we were not able to do before. “


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