Pin-A-Rama – Antwerp, OH

Reggie Clem, Owner of Pin-A-Rama in Antwerp, Ohio has eight lanes of EDGE String machines with USBC sanctioned pinspotters. His center has four bowling leagues, three of which are USBC sanctioned, plus 35% of his bowling revenue comes from leagues. He couldn’t be happier with his decision to go with EDGE String.

Pin-A-Rama combines a timeless vintage charm with cutting-edge features to ensure the center is well-prepared for the future. This approach keeps the facility ready for what's next:


Amazing Bowler Experience

“We love our EDGE String machines. Everything runs smoothly and I no longer inconvenience my league bowlers by having to move them around because of breakdowns.”


Carefree Operations

“Our EDGE String machines are very simple to operate and great for staff who might not be mechanically inclined. Previously, we used full-time employees to fix breakdowns but now I feel comfortable putting anyone in charge.”


Operational Cost Savings

“The switch to EDGE String is saving me time and money.  My center is busier now because lanes are not down due to breakdowns. All my bowling lanes are booked, and this allows me to maximize my business.”


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