Available for: 82-70 Pinspotters - 82-90 Pinspotters

XLi Electronics Upgrade

Modern Electronics, Better Operation  


Electrical problems can mean downtime, added maintenance costs and frustrated guests. With the XLi Electronics Upgrade you will improve the consistency of the guest experience, reduce parts and labor expenses, and enhance customer service and staff efficiency through Tech Wizard.  


XLi Machine Controller and Electronics

Replaces the old pinspotter controller, all wiring, and solenoids. Plus, a handheld control unit enables easier servicing from the front of the machine. E-Stop control added to front and rear of the machine pairs.


Digital Control of Table and Sweep Movement

Maintenance-free encoders replace mechanical sweep and table cams/switches, eliminating 6 adjustments.


New Motors and Gearboxes

For 82-70 pinspotters the front and backend motors and gearboxes are replaced. For 82-90 pinspotters just the front-end motors and gearboxes are replaced.


Distributor Drive Shaft Guard

Prevents contact with the rotating distributor drive shaft universal joint.

CenterPunch LED Pin Lighting

Replaces the conventional pin lighting. Illuminates pins with endless colors and dynamic effects that react to on-lane events like strikes, spares and gutter balls.


Tech Wizard

Pinspotter operation and servicing is made easier and more efficient, saving time and money.

  • Real-time operational call alerts
  • Lane status notification for guests
  • Real-time performance monitoring

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