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Breathe new life into your pinspotters with upgrade packages from QubicaAMF. They’re one of the best ways to boost reliability, efficiency, safety, and enable your staff to provide better customer service.

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QubicaAMF Pinspotter upgrades brochure
QubicaAMF Pinspotter upgrades brochure

Pinspotter upgrades. XLi Electronics, EDGE pin handling, EDGE enhanced guarding

QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure
QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure

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QubicaAMF Pinspotter Upgrade Packages - Features & Benefits

Upgrade Benefit

XLi Electronics

EDGE Pin Handling

Enhanced Guarding

Better Guest Experience




Eliminate frustration, downtime, and high parts costs of older pinspotter electronics



More uptime due to better pin handling—up to 80% improvement



Add amazing visual impact with CenterPunch LED deck light shows and effects



Easier Operation through Tech Wizard1




Real-time operational call alerts

Operational call guidance


Lane status notification for guests

Real-time performance monitoring

Scheduled maintenance notification and guidance


How-to video library


Safer Workplace Environment




Meets today’s standards for pinspotter machine guarding


Combination of fixed and interlocked guarding prevents staff contact with moving parts


Front entry encroachment barrier prevents staff & bowler contact with moving parts from lane-side


Lower Cost, More Efficient Operation




Diagnostics through the XLi machine controller for easier troubleshooting



Eliminates 6 adjustments from the table and sweep system



Back-end motor rotation on 82-70’s prevents damage from falling pins



Eliminates 7 adjustments related to pin distribution



Eliminates 135 bin parts, reducing maintenance and costs



Eliminates metal parts on the bin for increased pin life



Eliminates metal parts in the pit area for increased pin life



Easier access to the pit area when servicing is needed




1Tech Wizard functionality requires Conqueror X, any tier, with Conqueror Maximization Program (CMP) and the pinspotters must have Q-Vision cameras.



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