Available for: XLi - 82-70 - 82-90 with XLi Upgrade

EDGE Pin Handling Upgrade

Add a Lift to Your Pin Handling

Short of new machines, this is the best way to boost pin handling reliability and workplace safety. Improve the guest experience with reduced pin handling issues, reduce parts and labor costs by eliminating seven adjustments and 135 wear parts and gain peace of mind with enhanced machine guarding.

Plus, improve customer service and make operations easier and more efficient through Tech Wizard.


EDGE Pin Handling System

The EDGE Pin Handling System includes:

  • EDGE Performance Lift - Replaces pinwheel. Eliminates 7 adjustments and surfaces that can damage pins.
  • Durabin Pin Storage - Replaces old pin storage bin with Durabin. Eliminates 135 wear parts.
  • EDGE Distributor Cam for Durabin - Drives precise distributor movement and pin placement accuracy.
  • EDGE Shuttle Rod and Spring - Stronger shuttle rod and spring reduces double shuttling and pin jams.

Enhanced Guarding

Bring your older pinspotters in line with today's norms through a combination of fixed and interlocked guarding and safe work practice tools.


Tech Wizard

Gain a host of benefits form the Tech Wizard app, which makes operation and servicing easier and more efficient, saving time and money. Plus enjoy:

  • Real-time operational call alerts
  • Operational call guidance
  • Lane status notification for guests
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Scheduled maintenance notification and guidance
  • “How-To” video library

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