“Having new environments and grids along with statistics and recaps has been well received by our league bowlers. They get to choose what they want, from more active displays to really simple grids and colors that are popular with seniors.” - Greg Joseph, Owner, Valley Bowling Center


BES X Delivers | EXCITING Competitive Play

The competitive element is a key component of the bowling experience. With the widest variety of features, thrilling games and environments offered nowhere else, BES X enhances competitive play at any level—fun or sport.

Bowling Plus

Bowling Plus displays the top moments of the game while the action is happening, providing easy-to-understand statistics: who’s leading; how much you need to score to take the lead; most strikes; and much more. It’s like having your own personal commentator on the lanes! Scores and competition have never been so easy and exciting to follow.


Score Assist

A feature within Bowling Plus, Score Assist helps aspiring bowlers improve their skills by familiarizing them with how to score the game. Put them on the road to becoming passionate, expert players. BES X makes it easy.


Adaptive Skill Level Games

Now every bowler can have fun and play to win. With our new Mad Games, like Battle on the Lanes and Bowlin' Hood, the less experienced players can win against even the most experienced because every bowler can choose their own skill level. The system automatically does the rest—keeping the competition fair and exciting for everyone.

Skill and Classic Games

Eliminate the complexity of computing spares and strikes from scoring, while still offering a competitive challenge. With their shorter duration and simpler scoring calculation, these skill games enhance the fun, competitive experience. Plus, only BES X offers a complete set of six classic variations on the traditional bowling game so that bowlers can integrate all games right into their match.

BES X Demo

The BES X Demo was developed to give you a taste of the unique experience BES X can bring to your center and your customers. Feel free to maneuver through the demo and discover all that BES X has to offer.

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