BES X Marketing Kits

Attracting Players Has Never Been So Simple

Growing your business and competing with all the consumer entertainment options is a big challenge. To succeed, centers like yours must continually reach out to attract and re-engage customers, while constantly improving the bowling experience itself.

But it’s not easy. Marketing takes lots of time, and requires a high level of expertise. What’s more, visually appealing, professionally designed materials are both expensive and hard to come by. Until now.

BES X has truly cutting-edge features that redefine the on-lane experience. But how do you market to drive traffic and revenue? How do you make sure the system is fully utilized and the experience is actually improved? How do you match the many BES X innovations to the right types of customers? With BES X Marketing Kits.

EXTREME marketing power

Ready-made marketing kits. Colorful, powerful—and the first of their kind in the bowling industry, BES X Marketing Kits have everything you need to attract players like a magnet.

Marketing Kit Brochures

Access related brochures, case studies and more. 

BES X Demo

The BES X Demo was developed to give you a taste of the unique experience BES X can bring to your center and your customers. Feel free to maneuver through the demo and discover all that BES X has to offer.


Boost your center with the most experienced partner in the business. A partner who will stand by you and guide you all the way.

Kids & Birthday

“Birthdays are a huge business for the center and big part of our overall business. We knew that we wanted help to grow thissegment and it was a big part of our choice to go with BES X.” - Doug Cottom, Ross Cottom Lanes, Harrisburg, IL

Family Fun

“The very first parent I spoke with after trying Monster Factory said: ‘That was great; we really liked it and will definitely be back!’ PERFECT! That’s what I love to hear!” - John Losito, Sun Valley Lanes, Lincoln, NE


Teens and Young Adults

“The late night crowd likes things like Lane Chatter and being able to put their pictures up with Selfie Grids and YouToons." - Alex Guntrum, FunFest Entertainment Center, Pittsburgh, PA


Corporate and Group Events

“Our corporate parties have been taken to a new level. We now have a professional offering that people really respond to.” – Jeremy Dodge, BAM! Ultimate Entertainment Center, Holland, MI

Competitive Fun

“Our competitive bowlers like having different options. Plus, with so many different features and adjustments we can configure the system any way the bowlers want, to perfectly match their needs.” – Bob Santini, Mt. Morris Lanes, Mt. Morris, NY


“We needed to attract our customers once again and wanted to offer something new and more advanced.” - Eduardo Astiazaran, Bolerama Obregon, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico