“People are blown away when they walk in and see eight lanes of white lanes! We have had boutique bowling at other centers in the past, but nothing rivals this. In this day and age, people expect this level of quality. We are able to deliver a Ritz Carlton experience in a bowling center environment.” – Mike Cannington, Director of Sales and Marketing, HeadPinz, Ft. Myers, FL

SPL Boutique Lanes

The World's Most Captivating Lane

Put away your old perceptions of what a bowling lane—and bowling attraction—should look like.

Game-Changing Visual Impact

Today’s customers have high expectations and many choices when it comes to entertainment options and facilities. SPL Boutique lanes enable you to deliver a fresh take on what bowling can look and feel like, generate incremental revenue from your bowlers with VIP rooms and attract new bowlers to your center.


Great bowling performance

Bowlers of all skill levels want to bowl well and get high scores. They like to challenge themselves and their friends. SPL Boutique lanes give your bowlers the tools to perform.


Unique Color Options

Discover the unique palette of color options available to fit your center's appetite. 


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Get in Touch

Boost your center with the most experienced partner in the business. A partner who will stand by you and guide you all the way.