Tech Wizard’s Notification and Guidance Makes Operation Simple

Your staff never has to think about EDGE String Pinspotter because Tech Wizard will notify and provide guidance when attention is needed. Tech Wizard leverages the power of Conqueror X and the Conqueror Maximization Program (CMP) to bring your center to the cutting EDGE.*


* Tech Wizard functionality requires Conqueror X, any tier, with Conqueror Maximization Program (CMP).


Real-Time Operational Alerts

Informs if there is ever a stop in bowling play, what the issue is and what to do, all while keeping the bowling guests updated on the scoring monitors.


Maintenance Notification & Guidance

Notifies when it’s time to service the EDGE String machine, what is required, the tools and time needed and shows how to do it through instructional videos. 


Staff Training Resource

Instructional video content in Tech Wizard is a great reference and learning tool for your staff to use. It makes operating the EDGE String Pinspotter easy.


Cloud-Based Management Tools

EDGE String machine’s performance data, service history, and reporting capabilities are at your fingertips from anywhere.

Operational Cost Savings Estimator

See how much your business could save with EDGE String.

Plug your actual numbers into our easy-to-use online estimator to get an idea of the annual operational cost savings your bowling center could gain from replacing your current free-fall machines with QubicaAMF EDGE String pinspotters.

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