Best Performance and Quality in a Pinspotter

The EDGE String machine combines revolutionary electromechanical design and intelligent software into a pinspotter, assuring you can deliver the fun of bowling with peace of mind and at a very low operating cost. It’s exclusive Adaptive String Technology automatically adjusts string length based on type of play – ensuring industry-best frames-per-stop across all casual play and certified competition.

Adaptive String Length Technology

EDGE String is the only USBC-Approved string machine that  automatically  adjusts string length through a bowling management system. Patent-pending Adaptive String Length Technology, controlled by Conqueror X, ensures top-notch performance across all casual play and certified sport bowling competition. With the EDGE String Pinspotter, you get industry-best frames-per-stop performance and easy game tracking through Conqueror X. It’s simple for staff to monitor or adjust gameplay modes. This feature is available exclusively with the USBC-Approved version of the EDGE String machine.


Extreme Low Energy Consumption

Only the EDGE String Pinspotter uses state-of-the-art 24V DC in-line gear motors to drive the machines and ball return – for amazing mechanical and electrical drive efficiency. And the gear motors only run when needed. Using just 0.046 kWh of power per machine, EDGE String consumes less power than the typical household coffee maker.

With the same amount of energy, you can brew one pot of coffee or run the EDGE String machine for three hours.


Proven Design, Quality Construction

Robust design, built in the USA with high-quality components. The EDGE String machine will do battle with bowlers in high-lineage bowling centers for decades—and win! 


Performance Pin Bushing

Our unique Performance Pin Bushing helps to reduce occurrences of string pin over 60%. Bowlers will keep on rolling!


Dual Action Pin Detangler

If string pins tangle, EDGE String machine’s intelligent software targets tangled pins and varies pulling speed and force, resolving over 99.99% of frames bowled. This means fewer pin tangles requiring staff intervention and allows staff to focus on other bowling center tasks.

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