Adaptive String Length Technology



QubicaAMF's EDGE String Pinspotter is the only USBC-Approved string machine that adjusts string length through a bowling management system. It changes string length based on the type of play – ensuring industry-best frames-per-stop across all casual play and certified competition. And it’s effortless because QubicaAMF bowling management system takes care of the work for you.

Hosting USBC league and tournament play? Use the USBC-Approved string length mode, designed for authentic pin action and scoring in line with free-fall machines. PLUS, it keeps a log of all games bowled in USBC-Approved mode for your reference.

Casual bowling play? The strings shorten automatically —for industry-best frames per stop performance.


Competitive and Casual Play

Host USBC league and tournament play at the USBC-Approved string length , with amazing performance reliability. You can automatically shorten the strings of your EDGE String Pinspotters and enjoy even better performance reliability during casual and non-USBC competitive play.

Bowling Management System Control

Exclusively controlled and automated through the Conqueror X bowling management system. This patent-pending technology through Conqueror X automatically changes string pin length based on the type of game play – There is no easier way!

Peace of Mind

Through Conqueror X bowling center management system staff can quickly check which gameplay mode - USBC Certified or Casual Play – that the EDGE String bowling machines are in.

Game Tracking

Games bowled on the EDGE String Machine in USBC-Approved mode are tagged and available through Conqueror reporting. 


Industry Certified Pinspotter

The EDGE String Pinspotter is USBC and IBF certified, making it the ideal choice for all levels of competitive play. Two versions of the EDGE String machine are offered. USBC certification is available only with the USBC-Approved version of the EDGE String Pinspotter.

Operational Costs Savings Estimator

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Plug your actual numbers into our easy-to-use online estimator to get an idea of the annual operational cost savings your bowling center could gain from replacing your current free-fall machines with QubicaAMF EDGE String pinspotters.

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