Transform From Bowling to Bowling Entertainment 

A bowling center can and should be about more than just lanes, pins and balls. It’s about creating an unforgettable entertainment experience that keeps guests wanting to come back for more. Conqueror X leverages your bowling anchor and delights guests with its unique products across an ever-growing bowling and entertainment ecosystem.

Conqueror X serves up the finest guest experience in the world... bar none!

BES X Scoring

Take advantage of the world’s only Bowler Entertainment System—BES X. The only system designed help you deliver truly unique on-lane entertainment to everyone with an endless collection of choices for your guests. Conqueror X puts you in complete control to leverage and manage every aspect of the system and helps make your center the go-to for an amazing guest experience, every time.


Bring the excitement of a video game right to your lanes and give your players an experience they won’t soon forget. With HyperBowling, everybody wins. Exciting and engaging, it features challenging moving color targets, progressive levels and score multipliers that keep your guests riveted on the game. From Conqueror X you can manage the business side of the game—including an innovative Bumper Protection System that monitors play and helps safeguard your investment.

BES X Experiences

BES X and HyperBowling offer today’s most exciting play. But what if players could choose the exact experience they want at each visit, and you could easily, seamlessly and profitably deliver it? Conqueror X brings it, letting you design and dynamically control the pricing, availability and display for each unique BES X Experience.

Multi-Media System

Communicate with your customers at the right place and right time and it’s a win-win. The Multi-Media System (MMS) delivers a better experience by letting you display advertising and promotions, dynamic price lists, waiting lists, live scoring and more throughout your center—all configured and scheduled through Conqueror X. 

CenterPunch Intelligent Lighting

Set your center apart by giving your guests a show they’ll be talking about long after their visit. Create powerful, fully automated and coordinated shows using both pin deck and capping lights, fully controlled through Conqueror X. CenterPunch is the only intelligent lighting system on the market that can do it.

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