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Bowling Pins

The Undisputed Industry Standard

Superior engineering, industry's best durability, and styles and colors that will make your bowlers jump for joy. QubicaAMF pins are designed, manufactured and styled to standards that make the competition fall flat. Equip your center with nothing less than the best—QubicaAMF bowling pins.

QubicaAMF rental shoes, pins and balls brochure
QubicaAMF rental shoes, pins and balls brochure

Get the perfect fit for your bowlers and your business - HOUSE BALLS, RENTAL SHOES AND PINS

QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure
QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure

Quality and innovation that keeps your business rolling


 AMFlite II Pins

 Feature Benefit QubicaAMF   
Wood Core Pin Improves Pin Action yes  
Compression-Molded Construction Results in larger wooden core that extends pin life and boosts scoring yes  
Specialty Formulated Locked-In Base Reduces sliding yes  
Triple Layer Topcoat Improves Pinspotter Operations yes  



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