EZ Touch

The Smartest Choice for Centers of 16 Lanes or Less

Do you own or manage a smaller center and find yourself doing the lanes by hand? Perhaps you use outdated equipment that doesn’t clean properly or apply enough oil for today’s bowling balls? We know the lane maintenance problems that many centers are faced with today—like not having a full-time mechanic or feeling like they are forced into buying an expensive, complex machine.

Unlike any other lane machine on the market, the EZ Touch will protect your capital investment (the lanes) as well as ANY lane machine on the market today—and keep your bowlers happy.

Easy to Learn & Operate

The EZ Touch is easy to learn and run. Any member of your staff can easily maneuver and quickly learn to operate this machine—with the touch of a button.

Far Less Expensive to Purchase and Maintain

The EZ Touch is a very economical solution with a low total cost of ownership. And it also saves labor costs by automating what you might be doing by hand or less efficiently now.

All-in-one Convenience

EZ Touch has everything you need to take care of your lanes—and all types of bowlers. It protects one of your biggest investments as well as machines that cost three times as much.


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