Easiest to Learn and Operate

The EZ Touch is easy to learn and run. With its touchpad interface, preprogrammed lane patterns and lightweight design, you won’t have to spend money on a dedicated lane maintenance technician or head mechanic. Any member of your staff can easily maneuver and quickly learn to operate this machine.


Touch Interface

The touch interface makes the machine incredibly simple to operate—for any skill level. The large color LCD screen with easy-to-read icons shows the status of all functions as the machine travels down the lane.



Preprogrammed lane patterns eliminate the time and trouble of changing oil patterns. Selecting the pattern designed specifically for your different types of bowlers is as easy as a touch of a button.


Lightweight Design

EZ Touch is the lightest machine on the market today. Any member of your staff can maneuver and lift it.

Start Shopping

Amazingly easy to find the parts you need quickly, order the right parts and manage your purchases efficiently.