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Lane Accessories

Accessories to Make a Safer and Better-Looking Lane

QubicaAMF offers the most extensive and well-developed line of lane accessories to provide a safe and stylish solution for your center.   


QubicaAMF bowling lanes brochure
QubicaAMF bowling lanes brochure

SPL Boutique lanes, SPL Select lanes

QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure
QubicaAMF Bowling products brochure

Quality and innovation that keeps your business rolling

 Feature                          Benefit QubicaAMF Radaray Foul Detectors
Easy Installation Easy install right on top of the approach in minutes! yes
Optical Path Trigger Designed to use very little energy and save you money yes


 Feature                          Benefit QubicaAMF Foul Line Message
Printed Directly On the Lane Lanes do not require message replacements and avoids use of unslightly stickers yes
Distinct Warning Message Fewer incidents on the lanes protecting both bowlers and proprietors  yes


 Feature                          Benefit QubicaAMF Coverboard and Capping
New Capping and Coverborad for Glow Bowling Creates a sharp lane contrast under full glow conditions to provide the right visual element for your center yes
Optional Capping Light Channel Helps your center stand out as an entertainment venue yes



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