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Intelligence Powered by Conqueror Pro and You

Only CenterPunch is integrated with the Conqueror Pro management system making it easy, and realistic, for you to design and deliver unique light shows to your diverse customer segments. Not only is this smart—it’s incredibly powerful.


Light Show Design Tool

CenterPunch is the only pin deck illumination system to offer an easy “point and click” tool, so you can create unique and impressive light shows in a matter of minutes! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Light Show Library

Integration with Conqueror Pro is smart and incredibly powerful, allowing you to design, store and deliver unique and targeted light showsat a moment's notice.


Light Show Scheduling

Use “Bowling Modes” in Conqueror Pro to schedule the days and times each week that you want certain light shows to run. This capability provides an easy way to automate the overall look and feel of your center environment day-in and day-out.


Light Shows by Lane

Use the “Lane Options” feature in Conqueror Pro to run different light shows on different lanes at the same time to easily deliver the right look and feel to different customer groups. Your birthday parties, league bowlers and open bowlers can all feel special—each with their own unique, targeted light show.


On the Fly Effects

Use the “Special Functions/Lane Effects” feature in Conqueror Pro to change the light effects on specific lanes, or across the center, to draw attention for special promotions, announcements or contests.

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