CenterPunch Deck Lighting

Intelligent pin illumination for a more impactful bowling experience

As the industry leader, QubicaAMF wants to help you be more successful. That is why the CenterPunch light fixture was designed specifically for the unique requirements around pin deck illumination and integrated with Conqueror Pro and the BES X Bowler Entertainment System.

The multi-color pin deck light alternatives on the market don’t add significant value to your business. With CenterPunch you get impactful, intelligent pin illumination that delivers real value for your customers and you. Welcome to the future of bowling center lighting effects.

Welcome to CenterPunch!

CenterPunch Intelligent Lighting Brochure
CenterPunch Intelligent Lighting Brochure

Discover how to dazzle guests by creating powerful, coordinated lighting shows.



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Deck Lighting

Other Lighting Options
  Virtual Concierge Illuminate the pin deck in smart ways, using lighting colors to signal different stages of the bowling experience like directing bowlers and groups to their lanes at check-in, guiding leagues through practices, and much more yes no
  Bowler Driven Lighting Effects Deliver an added dimension of interactivity, driving more excitement and engagement among your bowlers when combined with BES X yes no
  Light Show Design Tool "Point and Click" tool allows you to easily create an endless possibility of impressive lighting effects and shows, in a matter of minutes yes no
  Light Show Scheduling Set your light schedule in advance and allow CenterPunch to automate the entire process yes no




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