Ijaz Rehman from Pakistan loves bowling, he loves to play it and he loves to support it. Part of the Pakistan Federation Ijaz works tirelessly trying to promote the sport in his country.


Shanghai will not be his first World Cup, Gibraltar's Michael Wood will once again pull on the country colours and represent probably one of the smallest nations in the event.


One player to watch this year is going to be Ireland’s Chris Sloan. A young pro shop operator now living in Sweden and an amazingly talented two hander. He is much travelled in all the World zones, gaining experience year on year and will be a contender in Shanghai.


Shanghai will be a big family trip for Scotland, Alison Williamson will be joined by her brother Martin Williamson on the trip of a lifetime to Shanghai, China for this years Bowling World Cup.


He is a young Italian, like all Italians he has style, a two handed style and he will be going to Shanghai this autumn.


Defending her title for the THIRD time


"Everyone should try bowling at least once in their life because it is not as easy as it seems! A lot of my friends have the misconception that it is so simple to roll a ball down the lane and hit some pins but when they actually do it, they finally understand the physical and mental challenge behind the game. And also because it is a fun activity to do with a group of friends ."