Why QubicaAMF?

Starting a bowling business is a big project. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our team will work with you and your staff every step of the way—from planning, to installation, and all the way through creating training programs tailored to your business. Afterward, we provide everything you need to maintain a thriving operation.

We are the largest bowling products company in the world. We make it our mission to Make Bowling Amazing by creating products that deliver an amazing, never before seen, consumer experience and ensure our customer’s long-term success.

Our owners’ background is unique. The three Qubica Founders have a strong background in technology and product development, while the three remaining owners are bowling and entertainment center operators themselves. Our CEO and Chief Product Architect live and breathe our product strategy every day, and are personally involved in the development of new products. Over the years, this unique structure has ensured that we developed the best products with proprietors’ needs in mind. It’s also a guarantee for the future.

Leaders in product & innovation

Without a doubt, QubicaAMF products deliver the best value for your bowling investment. Period. They are designed to maximize every aspect of what makes this sport appealing and help you:

  • Reach all of today’s lucrative customer segments and provide the ultimate bowling experience (you will attract crowds of new and repeat customers)
  • Easily manage any kind of bowling business, regardless of type, with the best tools available for you and your staff
  • Enjoy the best long-term value, quality, reliability and functionality, to ensure smooth and efficient operations

Leaders in service & support

Choosing QubicaAMF is just the start of a profitable long-term relationship. We’re here when you need us, anywhere you need us, with prompt and thorough service and support.

We offer:  

  • Remote technical support to save you time and trouble
  • Excellent post-installation training for mechanics and staff
  • Worldwide installation coordination
  • Convenient internet updates for key equipment

Choosing QubicaAMF means less worry for you and more time to focus on what matters most: making money with your lucrative new bowling business.

Leaders in operational management

Our products are designed to make it easier for you to manage your business and operate your center, whatever the operational format may be. Our products are meant to meet every customer need, work flawlessly together, and give you the best value in the industry. Run your bowling business with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.  Reduce overhead through automation.  Keep your customers informed and technicians working at peak efficiency. Easily and seamlessly manage your business—that’s our goal.

Gloabl reach, local partner

We bring over a century of international experience to the game of bowling. We take innovation seriously and aggressively invest to create products designed to help grow your business and drive customers to your facility.

We build centers that reflect the individual tastes and objectives of their owners and are committed to forming close long-term partnerships with our customers. As your venture unfolds, you can trust QubicaAMF to be there—to honor commitments and provide a succession of great ideas, along with prompt service and dedicated support.

We have sales offices in 10 countries and distributors in every corner of the world. And we continue to impact the success of over 10,000 installations in over 90 countries. We’re a global leader, and your local partner.

Award winning installations

QubicaAMF bowling centers are more than highly functional, highly profitable enterprises. Many are simply breathtaking, too, and have garnered top awards.

Every center is different, of course. Depending on your budget, objectives and the market you wish to pursue, we can provide the perfect combination of products and services to help you build the business of your dreams.

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