Universal appeal

Bowling offers many opportunities for profit and growth.


Operating a bowling entertainment center is a lucrative activity like any other one.  Uniquely from most businesses, bowling has a series of benefits:

  • Expenses are prevalently fixed costs, meaning that once covered, revenues continue to flow from the bottom line
  • After the initial investment, working capital required is limited
  • Bowling is Cash business with no receivables and very low inventory
  • Bowling is recession resistant: continuing to be profitable by generating above-average levels of:
    • Return on investment - Typically less than 4 years payback period
    • Strong Cash Flows - Up to 40% Operating Cash Flow (for centers well run)
  • Bowling Centers operate for generations
  • Bowling appeals to all ages and demographics – including the desirable Millennials.
  • Bowling is a year-round, multi-leisure activity appeals to audiences of all ages.