Core Bowling Centers

Because bowling is so prominent, most of these centers offer a limited number of other attractions, such as billiards and video games. For this reason, restaurants, if present, get a smaller share of the limelight. You’ll frequently find a pro shop inside these facilities as well.

Sun Valley Lanes

Sun Valley Lanes features an arcade with a redemption center, Keno, a bar & grill and a pro shop. This Lincoln, Nebraska staple has been a successful core bowling business for many years. With 32 “cutting-edge” lanes for families and friends, Sun Valley Lanes takes the traditional center you remember into the 21st century. The center promotes league bowling, recreational bowling and parties / group events. 

  • 32 Lanes
  • Lincoln, NE, USA

Xperience Boston Bowl

Boston Bowl is a core bowling business with 12 candlepin and 32 tenpin lanes. The center has a small restaurant, billiard room and large game room to offer their customers an additional avenue of entertainment. In 2015, they expanded with a VIP area to appeal to corporate and group events.

  • 44 Lanes
  • Boston, MA, USA

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