The Smartest Investment Long-Term


EDGE Free-Fall will perform for decades and cost less to operate. Period. A track record of longevity and affordable operation have made QubicaAMF pinspotting machines, both new and used, the most sought-after in the industry for decades. EDGE Free-Fall carries this legacy forward combining unrivaled operational efficiency with robust construction. 


Unrivaled Efficiency

EDGE Free-Fall incorporates unique technology that reduces operating costs. 

  • SmartCycle®. State-of-the-art camera technology reduces table cycling and parts wear—yielding lower parts, labor, and electrical expenses.  
  • Run-On-Demand Intelligence. Ensures all motors and mechanical systems operate only when balls are being thrown, extending the life of the machine components, and reducing parts, labor, and electrical expenses.
  • Durabin® Pin Storage System. Uniquely collects and stores pins until time to be set on the pin deck. Centers save on pin expenses because pins are not continuously cycled through the machine. 


Built To last

EDGE Free-Fall is the only free-fall machine produced today that will perform for decades. 

  • Quality Materials, Robust Design. Durable steel and aluminum alloys, resilient engineered thermoplastics, like those used for truck bumpers, along with industrial motors and gearboxes are the backbone of a proven robust design. It's a machine built to do battle with pro-level bowlers for decades, and win. 

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