EDGE Free-Fall

Brilliant Pinspotting Technology That Simplifies the Bowling You Love 


QubicaAMF pinspotting machines have long been the industry’s preferred choice because of their performance, ease of use and maintenance, plus their longevity. Representing over seven decades of QubicaAMF research, development, refinement, and sheer know-how, EDGE Free-Fall truly stands as the pinnacle of free-fall pinspotter innovation. The result is a pinspotter that delivers an unmatched free-fall experience, unrivaled operational efficiency, and peace of mind for real-world bowling centers, in real-world conditions, day in and day out. Plus, EDGE Free-Fall is proudly designed and assembled in the USA. 

Ready to see how this machine can help take your center to the cutting edge—and beyond?

Best Performing in Real-World Operations

Delivering a guest experience unmatched by any other free-fall machine EDGE Free-Fall is the performance leader where it counts—real world bowling centers, real world conditions, day in and day out. 

Easiest to Learn and Maintain

EDGE Free-fall means more flexibility when it comes to finding staff for your center through a combination of innovation and smart design—even technicians new to bowling can easily learn to operate and service this machine.

Smartest investment long-term

A track record of longevity and affordable operation have made QubicaAMF pinspotting machines, both new and used, the most sought-after in the industry for decades. EDGE Free-Fall carries this legacy forward—combining unrivaled operational efficiency with robust construction.


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