Harmony Table Collection

Stylish & Purposeful Tables Designed to Drive Revenue

The Harmony Table Collection was designed to complete your seating solution with table surfaces that enhance the guest experience and increase food and beverage sales.


Increases your revenue

Incorporating tables into your seating layout enables your business to generate more money because customers can comfortably consume food and beverages while bowling.

  • Coffee Tables
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Concourse Tables

Provides additional space for spectators and bowlers

You can extend into the concourse area, giving bowlers and spectators alike a place to socialize and enjoy the center. 

  • Energy Chairs and Bar Stools – provide additional seating
  • Bar Height Tables – give bowlers and spectators an option to lean against

Provides smart storage

The Harmony tables offer integrated storage options, depending on your needs.

  • Ball Storage
  • Personal Item Storage – eliminate the need for lockers and give both league and open-play bowlers places to put their personal items

Distinctive styling and striking color combinations make your center stand apart

Modern design, in combination with professionally created and coordinated color concepts, make it easy to create a great looking center—whether doing it yourself or working with a professional. 

  • Clean, modern design that lends a sophisticated look
  • Twelve professionally designed color concepts 
  • Custom color combinations

Harmony Configuration Tool

Learn how easy it can be to reconfigure Harmony Furniture, select your favorite color combinations and design your own center layout with the Harmony Configuration Tool.


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