Bowler Consoles

Put Bowlers in Touch with the Best

The design and functionality of BES X consoles truly take bowler interaction and the on-lane customer experience to the next level. Infused with high-tech engineering and designed to attract today’s bowlers, they come with simple yet powerful interactive screens featuring our exclusive SuperTouch and EasyKey technologies.

They’re also very rugged, take up little space and are designed to dramatically add to your bowlers’ experience and your center’s appeal.

SuperTouch LCD Bowler Consoles

SuperTouch LCD consoles offer a sleek, super-modern look and feel, with a built-in camera, just like you’ll find on the latest tablets and smartphones—and provide a user interface conceived for extreme ease of use.

EasyKey Keyboard Consoles

Clean, simple and effective, with nothing between your players and incredible bowling. That’s what EasyKey keyboard consoles are all about.


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BES X Demo

The BES X Demo was developed to give you a taste of the unique experience BES X can bring to your center and your customers. Feel free to maneuver through the demo and discover all that BES X has to offer.

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