The Potential Audience

Did you know that almost HALF of the population plays video games? That’s a huge audience that shares something in common...

So, what are the attributes that drive those 150M+ people to play video games and how can we appeal to them?


The "Gamer"

So, what are the attributes that drive those people to play video games and how can we appeal to them?

A gamer may not be who you think of at first. Today, gaming is everywhere. It’s part of who we are and what we do.

When the general U.S. population is asked:

  • 38% don’t consider themselves “gamers” but play games frequently
  • 47% consider video games good for teamwork and competitive play
  • 45% consider video games better entertainment than TV

Today's Bowler

When you look at the overall population something stands out...bowling customers tend to be a little better off than the average population. We get a higher share of those households with middle and upper incomes.

It supports the thinking that people are willing to pay for premium entertainment experiences.

And when we look to the future, there is good news here as well. Disposable income is anticipated to grow neary 2% per year over the next 5 years. So, your customers will have more to spend!

What would be the perfect blend of bowling and gaming?

HyperBowling. It has been designed with video games in mind and it embodies the key elements that make video games attractive.

Many gamers (self-identified or not) will be naturally drawn to try and enjoy HyperBowling:

  • It’s easy to learn, easy to play and easy to score
  • It adds new dimensions to the traditional bowling game
  • It was built to entertain and be endlessly replayable

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