Integrated Control


BES X Experiences was built to make it easy for you and your staff to deliver an amazing bowling entertainment experience to your guests! Behind Experiences are some great new features, controls and options in both the Multi-Media System (MMS) and Conqueror Pro.

Not only do they provide what you need to showcase your bowling entertainment options, they bring great new features to make your operations more efficient, polished and secure.


The MMS displays the attention-grabbing visuals that your customers will see! It combines the graphical content with your own custom names and language – and your pricing as you already have configured in the Conqueror Pro. You can even add your own logo. All of this is dynamically combined and displayed on the monitors. If prices change through the day, it immediately updates on the screen. You can even show different sets of Experiences at different times and different days. Perfect to tailor your offering to match the different business you have – say from weekday to weekend. All of it can be scheduled to happen automatically – with no intervention needed from you or your staff!


Conqueror Pro

Conqueror Pro is at the heart of the controls for BES X Experiences. From here you can create the perfect offers for your customers! For each Experience, starting from the kits, you decide which environments and games are included and how much to charge. The system ensures that the right price keys unlock the right content. Experiences can be used for game, time and unlimited bowling offerings. And you can even specify on which sets of lanes an Experience is available, giving you the flexibility to manage “VIP” lanes or other special situations.

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