BES X Experiences

Transform from Offering Bowling to Bowling Entertainment

Introducing BES X Experiences! The new way to offer bowling entertainment is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Now, centers can showcase their most popular ways to play on big screens for guests to choose from. Experience the easy new way to offer Bowling Entertainment and drive more revenue to your business.


BES X Experiences

Every customer is a little bit different. So how do you make it easy for guests to pick something right for them, the staff to seamlessly deliver and your center to make more money? Learn more about BES X Experiences today!

How Do You Want to Play Today?

QubicaAMF offers the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane entertainment options anywhere – maximizing your ability to provide the best experience to every one of your customers. Check out the different options available with BES X Experiences.

Integrated Control

BES X Experiences was built to be very flexible to make it easy for you and your staff to set your customers up to have an amazing visit. See the powerful and dynamic features that Conqueror Pro and Multi-Media System (MMS) technologies bring to Experiences!


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