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Fly’n Ducks duckpin bowling makes your operations a breeze. It's the perfect fit because it delights guests with its state-of-the-art bowler entertainment and lighting systems, plus it's easy to operate. No need for skilled people to manage the fun, and with Pay-at-the-Lanes, your existing employees are free to deliver your customers the service and attention they desire. You'll be able to maximize profits by automatically adjusting pricing based on demand. The bowling operations of your facility is made simple with no lane conditioning, special shoes, or ball sizes to manage. 


CenterPunch Deck Lights

Bowlers can celebrate strikes and feel more engaged in the game with CenterPunch Deck Lighting illuminating the lanes and pins with coordinated lighting displays that respond to on-lane events, even gutter balls.

BES X Bowler Entertainment System

This innovative system provides an endless variety of skill games, in addition to the classic three-ball duckpin game. It adds to the fun of any Fly’n Ducks game.

Durabowl Bumpers

Player-selectable automatic bumpers give bowlers an option if they need help keeping the ball out of the gutter.  This is especially nice for younger players.


Pay at the Lanes

Guests can start rolling the moment a lane opens up. This system works with most major game card platforms.

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