Lane Options and Masking Options

Customize your space and tailor the Fly’n Ducks duckpin experience with a selection of bowling lane options. Elevate the ambiance by choosing either the Fly’n Ducks Graphic Mask, offering 30 vibrant design and color combinations, or the Fly’n Ducks Video Mask for dynamic, entertainment-rich visuals.

CenterPunch Capping Lighting

Enhance the visual impact and bowler experience. CenterPunch Capping lights integrate with the CenterPunch Deck Lighting on Fly’n Ducks to deliver striking, coordinated lighting effects on pins and on the bowling lanes.

Durabowl Bumpers

Player-selectable automatic bumpers give guests an option if they need help keeping the ball out of the gutter.  This is especially nice for younger players.

Bowling-QubicaAMF-Flyn-Ducks-LANE OPTIONS-Lane-Side-Guards-tile.jpg

Lane Side Guards

Made of strong transparent polycarbonate, these guards provide an unobtrusive barrier to ensure any wild ball throws are contained.

Bowling-QubicaAMF-Flyn-Ducks-LANE OPTIONS-Soft-Duck-Pins-tile.jpg

Soft Duck Pins

Traditional hard duck pins are standard. Choose soft duck pins if a quieter experience is desired. They are also easier to topple, making them a great option if you want to provide a slightly easier experience for bowlers.

Graphic Mask Options

Get inspired to complete your Fly'n Duck's- look with our Graphic Mask option to choose from 30 design and color combination choices.


Video Mask Option

Deliver dynamic entertainment with the Fly’n Ducks Video Mask.

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