Duckpin Bowling Entertainment In Your Space!


What is Fly'n Ducks?

Fly’n Ducks is an exciting bowling game played on a shorter bowling lane that uses a smaller ball and unique bowling pins, called duckpins. It brings with it all the competitiveness, camaraderie, and revenue-earning potential of traditional bowling, while being specifically designed for simple operation and ownership.

Fly’n Ducks is the space thrifty attraction you and your guests have been searching for!

• It transforms your place into an entertainment destination.
• It easily fits into your business, your way.
• It increases your revenue as guests stay longer and spend more.

Fly’n Ducks is the perfect addition for any place that people gather including:
• Cinemas
• Family Entertainment Centers
• Bars, Restaurants and Breweries
• Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
• Apartment Complexes and Communities

And just like with traditional bowling, Fly’n Ducks brings people together to create amazing moments!

Crowd Pleaser

Celebrations, team building events, girls’ or guys’ nights out, themed events, bowling contests, mini-leagues, … the list of crowd pleasing events is endless and all of this is covered by Fly'n Ducks.   QubicaAMF's cutting-edge technology will enhance your customers' on-lane experience and your facility will stand out WITH the crowd.

Perfect Fit

Today's business environment is dynamic and Fly'n Ducks is the perfect fit to streamline your operations. Our solution efficiently handles facility management, freeing you to focus on your core business activities. As your silent partner, Fly'n Ducks manages the details, empowering you to concentrate on growth and success.


We designed Fly'n Ducks with features such as EDGE String technology, the Tech Wizard app and Pay at the Lanes that will streamline your business, making it roll along smoothly. An efficient running operation adds to your business’s bottom line.

Lane and Masking Options

Enhance the Fly'n Ducks experience for bowlers by selecting from a variety of lane upgrades including bumpers, soft duck pins, lane side guards, and lighting. For captivating and entertaining visuals, choose either the Fly'n Ducks Graphic Mask, featuring 30 vibrant design and color combinations, or the Fly'n Ducks Video Mask.

Space Required

From the smallest possible footprint to a more challenging playing experience Fly'n Ducks delivers Bowling in Your Space.


To learn more about Fly’n Ducks as well as the other products that make up Fly’n Ducks, check out our brochures.

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