The Best Sport Lane for Casual Bowlers

Being able to deliver a fun, exciting and safe experience for your casual bowlers and families is essential to your business. SPL Select lane enhancements offer the best in glow entertainment and safety.


Full Glow Option

A full glow entertainment designs is available with SPL Select. Your open play bowlers get cool visual excitement and entertainment for more fun and socialization.

Full Surface Glow covers the entire lane and approach surface, delivering maximum glow fun for your bowlers.


Optional Foul Line Warning

Many casual bowlers don’t realize the lane surface is slippery. With SPL Select lanes, you have the option for a foul line warning printed into the lane surface to inform bowlers not to cross the foul line. It’s the best looking warning message available. You don’t end up with the stickers that look bad, damage easily and need to be frequently replaced.


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