Twelve questions is just not enough for a person like Bernard Gibbons. There is much to tell about the popular Irishman who got his first taste of the Bowling World Cup way back in 1977. He hosted the 25th Anniversary in 1989 and a year later took on a role with the tournament committee. Twenty eight years in November. Bernard is back and ready for another amazing tournament.


What makes this country punch above its weight? Talent, and the talent is nurtured with an excellent coaching system. Sport bowling is highly regarded. Every little town seems to have its eight lane bowling centre so there are plenty of places to play.


"I have been to two as a player, one as a spectator and now 16 as a member of the team. So this year will be number 20"


"This was followed by a crush of press interviews and reporting, and was in the pressroom when I had the chance to call my Mom and Dad at home in Arizona. The best call I ever made in my life, to the best parents a man could have. "


Bowling World Cup bowler back then and General Manager for Latin America and Caribbean at the local QubicaAMF Mexico Office today, Luis Javier Iserte wants to give back to bowling some of the much it has given to him.


“Winning the event with Paeng was very cool. We were both 19, youngest Champions in the history of the World Cup, both in college, both of us were first time participants, both of us brought our parents with us to the event and it was a great story for the press. Many of the other participants said they were going to bring their parents next year since we were the only bowlers that had both mom and dad there with us.”