Joe Schumacker

Owner, SpareZ Davie, Florida




Joe Schumacker is no stranger to achievement, both in and outside the bowling industry. So successful in fact that he is in wide demand for both seasoned CEOs and promising entrepreneurs. He also holds important seats in organizations such as Junior Achievement, Vistage, both the Rotary and Prestige clubs, and is a past president of the Bowling Proprietor's Association of America. Suffice it to say this man is a bowling aficionado, is driven and determined, and knows what it takes to win.


Always thinking strategically, Joe took a close look at the SpareZ enterprise in 2014. The concepts, products and processes he'd employed thus far had worked very well for him, and the business had a proven record of strong performance. But he truly believed he could push the envelope even further, and started considering another renovation, along with a fresh reinvestment into new systems.


That is when he stumbled upon BES X, and took a leap of faith even though he had just bought a new scoring system just a few years prior. Joe explains,

"After several years of relatively flat lineage I wanted to increase total lineage at a higher price per game. BES X provided the platform needed to shift to a strong growth trend."



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  • 64


  • 8.1%

    increase in lineage

  • 14.5%

    increase in direct bowling revenue

  • 11.3%

    increase in group event lineage